We are Chippy White Table, a boutique rental company located in the heart of downtown Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. Our beautifully curated collection of furniture, tabletop, and d├ęcor will add magic to your next event. We offer our showroom as a venue for gatherings, photo shoots, and petite weddings. Whether through our rentals or the use of our space, we hope to make your next celebration memorable.

n e w !   
f l o w e r w a l l s

b r o w s e   
o u r   i n v e n t o r y

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o u r   g a l l e r y 

 We are happy to announce our showroom rental for 2019. Please visit our new services page to learn more about our photo shoot, meetings, and shower + parties showroom rental packages.

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Hey all! We are the Chippy Chicks, a mother-daughter team in small town Tunkhannock. What an adventure we are on! We started our rental business in September of 2015, and have been learning, growing, collecting, hoarding, and having fun ever since! Chippy White Table has turned into something beyond our wildest dreams, and we cannot wait to see where the road ahead takes us! Continue Reading

Chippy White Table
5 East Tioga Street
Tunkhannock, PA 18657