Chippy Beginnings | Part One

A   F a i r y  T a l e   W e d d i n g

Told by Chippy Chick, Julie.

   At this time the Chippy star was not yet born. It was still shining up in the sky waiting to be pulled down to Earth at the right time.  This is the story of how a wedding by a lake started an exciting business adventure.

    Mark and I got engaged on October 15th 2015 at a Fleetwood Mac concert in Philadelphia. Being heavily influenced most of my life by gypsy rock icon, Stevie Nicks, I knew right away that I wanted to have a laid back, bohemian, earthy wedding. Lucky for me, Mark was down for any kind of wedding as long as there was good food, booze, and he could invite his 1,294 family members (just kidding, but our guest list was 200+  partly due to his large Italian family)

t h e   p l a n 

    The planning began, both agreeing to keep it simple, and to ask our family/friends members to be a part of our day in any way they could.  When my uncle offered to let us have the wedding at his lake house on Lake Carey, we knew there could not be a more perfect venue. I had grown up on the lake during the summers when my grandmother and grandad lived there. My aunt and uncle were married on the dock, as well as my own parents! Mark's mom offered to make my wedding dress, our photographers were Marks childhood hockey coaches, and our caterers were the amazing State Street Grill (a restaurant we had become regulars at while dating).  My sister made our invites, and my friend offered to make desserts.  Stella jumped on board with decor (little did she know, buying decor would become a full time job!) My co-workers at Creekside Gardens offered to do the florals, and my Dad offered to marry us! Wow, we are truly blessed to know so many talented humans.  

t h e    d e c o r 

     The decor for the wedding was all shopped and gathering by Stella. She knew my vision and ran with it. She gathered over 50 bottles, 200 mason jars, doilies, lace tablecloths, candles, wood slabs, and more.  We set up different table settings in her living room for a few weeks until we got it just right. I really wanted to sit in two white peacock chairs at our 36 person head table, and she found those too.  We also purchased a very cute chipped up white table from our local antique mall that would be perfect for the desserts...and also many other things in the unbeknown future. Stella shopped at many local antique and thrift stores to find just the right accessories to make my bohemian dreams come true.   And she did. And now she loves doing it for lots of other brides, too. 

    Our amazing friends and other family members helped decorate the WHOLE wedding. What a team effort by all! 

t h e    c e r e m o n y 

    Dad and I have always shared a love for the water. So it was only fitting that he paddle me to the ceremony on the dock in a canoe, right?  And the bridesmaids made their grand entrance on my uncles pontoon boat.  A light rain came down just at the right moment to cool everyone off. What a wild time, I still can't believe that no one ended up in the lake that day!

t h e    e n d i n g   w a s    j  u s t   t h e    b e g i n n i n g

    The ceremony was simple, sweet, wet, and happy.  We ate, we danced, we laughed, we loved. It was the most magical day of our lives. We cannot thank our family/friends enough for all the love shown us on our special day.
     I'd say the rest is history... but there is still a Chippy star shining up in the sky...



Thanks for reading!
Part Two coming soon.