Chippy Beginnings | Part Two

Thanks for reading our previous blog! A little wedding by a lake started a big Chippy idea...

    Julie & Mark's wedding was nothing short of a magical day. With the whirlwind of wedding fun over, Stella needed a place to store all the decor she had gathered. Just like after any DIY wedding, you ask yourself-"now what am I going to do with all this STUFF?" 
Our family matriarch, Grandma Monsey, has been the owner and operator of Greenwood's Furniture Store in downtown Tunkhannock for over 55 years. (Yes, she still works 7 days a week at 85 years old!) Grandma had a space available above her furniture store for Stella to store all the wedding stuff... perfect!  An old little chippy white vacant apartment that Stella actually LIVED in many years ago! The space was dusty and old, but it served the purpose of housing the wedding decor.

   One day at the end of the summer I met up with Stella in that old dusty space, walked in, looked around at all my wedding stuff, and said, WOW!  Stella had set up the decor from my wedding in the cutest way in this little space, almost as if it were staged for a showroom or a shop. I said to my dear mother- "what are you doing setting things up like this?" ...and she responded, "I think we should start a rental company!" 

I love styling and decor myself, but a rental company? Yes, a vintage and specialty rental company, that comes with two very peppy chicks who love to style and design. Stella- a genius! So I hopped on the idea train and we started brainstorming to start our new rental business for weddings and special events, "Chippy White Table." The name came easily, Stella bought that old beat up, chipped up, white table from Bridgestreet Marketplace for my wedding, and since that was our first purchased piece of furniture, it was only right we named our business after it.

We started our collection by searching around in my grandmother's building.  The historic building had lots of hidden treasures on the upper floors, and lucky for us we had free reign of Grandma's "old junk". We hauled in bottles, velvet furniture, tables, old trunks and boxes, a vintage bust form, vases and anything we could get our hands on and fix up, dust off and bring back to life. We even got out Grandma's vintage lace wedding dressing dress to display in the shop!

Chippy White Table came to life, along with old forgotten about furniture and decor. Used stuff is the best stuff, and we love the idea of someone renting the same piece over and over again, it coming back with a new story to tell each time. 

Word of our new business spread quickly in our little hometown, and before we knew it we had brides calling to see our collection!  It was just so very exciting! We absolutely love what we do. We love meeting with brides and other event clients, to hear how we can help make their special day magical and memorable. And bringing their vision to life is an amazing opportunity.
We are so very thankful for the support of our family, friends and fans in our growing business. We are heading into our second event season, and also expanding into a new Chippy White Space. More on that to come. 

Chippy White Table circa 2015

Chippy White Table circa 2015

Thanks for following along on our little Chippy journey!