w e d d i n g s   +   s p e c i a l   o c c a s i o n s

e r y k a h   +   g e n n a r o

{cake} Electric City Bakehouse
{coordinator} Clover Event Co.
{florals} Carmen's Floral
{photography} Seneca Ryan Co.
{venue} Friedman Farms  

k a y l a   +   c a i t l i n

{cake} Electric City Bakehouse
{celebrant} Alisa Tongg, Promise Ridge
{cinematographer} Kevin Fonash Studios
{florals} Fox Hill Farms
{photography} Danielle Coons Photography
{venue} Chippy White Table Showroom

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s a r a h   +   d e r e k  

{photography} Seneca Ryan Co.
{venue} The Barn at Glistening Pond, Falls, PA
{caterer} Peculiar Culinary

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b r e   +   j a m e s

{photographer} Kim Spath Photography
[venue} Pumphouse B & B, Bloomsburg, PA
{coordination} Patchwork Planning

s h i r e e n   +   k e n n 

{photography} Storytellers and Co.
{venue} Tyler Arboretum, Media, PA
{catering}  Jeffrey Miller Catering

k a r l e y   +    a d a m 

{photography} Dirt Road Photography by Christy Stroup
{venue} Colonial Pines, Lewisburg, PA
{seating} Farm tables and chairs, Weir Event Rentals
{florals} Tilted Tulips Design

m a l l o r y    +    j o e

{photography} Sparrow and Lace
{venue} The Pumphouse B&B, Bloomsburg PA
{florals} Fox Hill Farm
{coordination} Patchwork Planning

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c h e l s e a   +   a d r i a n

{photography} Crystal Satriano Photography
{venue} The Barn at Glistening Pond, Falls, PA
{seating} Boulevard Rentals
{florals} Monzie's Floral Design