s t y l i n g    s e r v i c e s

Our styling services help further our clients to have the most beautiful and memorable event.
 Please contact us for a consultation!

Jesssica Manns Photography

Jesssica Manns Photography


How much does set up and styling by the Chippy Chicks cost?
Our styling service is quoted per event. Depending on the size of the order, event, and all the styling that it entails, the fee can vary. Contact for a personalized quote. 
(*Styling fee does not include rentals or delivery)

What does it include?
It includes our services from start to finish. Which means we  help plan and design the small to large details along with you the whole way. We will spend hours looking at pins and contributing to your ideas and visions. It includes a venue visit (depending on location), and how ever many visits to our shop you might need to play set up. You also will get two very enthusiastic Chippy Chicks to make sure that all the details are set in place the day of event! 

AND it includes us coming back the day after your event, to tear down, clean up, and pack up.
We do not offer to clean up the night of your event.

Will you style and set up decor I bought myself?
Absolutely! We will gladly set up and style any special piece of your own, and ensure that our rentals and your decorations seamlessly flow together to create a cohesive look at your event.

Do I get anything extra?
Yes you do! We bring along our "Emergency Decor Kit" with us to styled events. Which means we always have extra accent pieces, fabric, bottles, vases, etc. available just in case the bathroom or the card table needs that extra special touch! (Emergency Decor Kit is no extra cost to you) 

Can I reserve rentals without the styling/setup fee?

Yes! Have a super creative crew of bridesmaids, wedding planner, or friends who are excited to set up and style your wedding?  We can pass off the setup/styling baton to them, and simply charge the rental cost per item.

If you choose to not include our styling services this means we will not be tearing down or packing up. You must have your rental items cleaned up, packed up, and ready for pick up the following day.

Will you work with my other vendors?
Of course! Put us in touch with your other vendors, such as florist, caterers, or wedding planner. We will gladly work with them to ensure that everything flows and comes together perfectly on your big day!

Do we love weddings and special occasions with all our hearts?
Yes. Yes we do! And we cannot wait to make your event extra amazing with our passionate styling skills!