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Owner and Co-founder, Dreamer


What would be your ideal event?
My dream event would be a big backyard party (perhaps in my own backyard!) with all our favorite friends and family. I would love the theme to be colorful, fun and whimsical. Think a fairy garden party come to life. Lots of twinkling lights, lounge areas, and tons of plants! People just hanging out, eating tacos, drinking sweet summertime sips, and dancing to the tunes. Full moon would make the party epic.  I think I basically just described my wedding. Hah!

Where do you find inspiration?
One hundred percent nature! I try to start every morning with at least 30 minutes spent outside (running, in the garden, or walking with Mom)  Not only do all the colors of nature inspire me (so different all times of year!) but also the calmness that nature brings me. In a fast paced lifestyle, I am constantly reminded that “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” (Lao Tzu) And in those quiet calm moments spent outdoors with nature I usually have my best and most creative ideas!

I also feel inspired when I am working with Karyn and Mom, and vibing off both their input on how to make an idea come to life! We all inspire each other, and push each other to always do our best work!

When do you feel the most at peace?
I feel the most at peace during my morning runs. During my time running on the local roads of Tunkhannock, I often reach a point of clarity with issues or problems I’d been struggling with. Running gives me quiet time alone to be in tune with my inner self and I often reflect on how grateful I am for living my best life!

How did CWT come into your life? 
After my wedding was over, I caught Stella setting up the used wedding decor in a very cute appealing way in an old apartment space above my Grandmother's furniture store. My Gram was there too, digging around in her old collection of “treasures” to find things to bring to life again. When I asked what they were doing, Stella replied - “lets start a vintage rental company!” Next thing I know we were putting my Grams wedding dress on my great Aunt Hazel’s sewing bust form, and the rest is history.

If you were hosting a dinner party and could invite anyone from the past or present, who would it be?Stevie Nicks! She has always been an inspiration to me. Her music, her style, her confidence…. She is the original queen of boho! (My favorite style) I would love to sit down at a table with her (decked out with candlesticks, velvet, lace and feathers) and talk about how “not to be a lady, be a legend.”  Just love Stevie!


Handy Chick + Stylist


What would be your ideal event?
Put me in a little spot in the woods with a horse, maybe a dog or two, and tons of florals and greenery. Surround it all with texture and dimension made from natural materials and paint small splashes of color, that's heaven.

Where do you find inspiration?
Who doesn't find a little inspiration in a well-stocked TJMaxx?

On a serious note, though, I probably see the most inspiration staring out the window of my car. Houses, architectural features, gardens and greenery, the way things fit naturally and unnaturally. I love seeing the way things, chipped and beautiful and it makes your heart swell. I'm a sucker for a good abandoned building. 

And let's not forget about Pinterest and all of the stunning artists displayed there. Some of it takes your breath away!

When do you feel the most at peace?
Aside from being in Chippy creating things with the ladies, I love a quiet day in the backyard with the dogs milling about. Hearing the sound of birds and the cars passing by is a soundtrack all of its own.

How did CWT come into your life? 
I met Julie and Stella after my sister-in-law kept telling me about a place in Tunkhannock that I would love. The first time I though she was talking about a store, but by the time she told me again, I was about to be out of work and needed a serious change of scenery. Throwing insecurities aside, I gave Julie a call on one thing led to another, resulting the dream every day with the sweetest, most supportive group of people you'll ever come across in your lifetime. 

What do you love most about design?
When your designing a space, you have certain parameters spatially, but when it comes to putting a design in place, the sky's the limit creatively. Each of us has certain tendencies toward different elements of design too. I love when all three of us are working in a space and it actually takes each of our personalities to complete something perfectly. While we could individually execute the project, it really gets the excitement flowing when the other personalities are able to add in things that we would never come to on our own. 

But really, the best part about design in the mental exhilaration it brings to have things click into place. It's like a million little colorful peg lights just bursting with energy inside your brain!


Webmaster + Blog

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What would be your ideal event?
Great music, great food, great company, and a fabulous outfit. I don't think life can get any better than that.

What type of design appeals to you?
My favorite aesthetic is retro Southwestern; Danish mid-century pieces, natural wood tones, and terrazzo floors. I like to play around with maximalism, layering artwork, wallpaper, and plants. My husband and I collect many things and have them on display; prints, books, records, coffee mugs, kaleidoscopes. Immersive design is the homiest. When someone is in our home and starts to flip through a travel book or thumb through our record collection, it tells me they’re comfortable and can also be a great way to start a conversation.

When do you feel the most at peace?
I like to swim, and although I wouldn’t consider myself a beach person I love to spend time on the water. Our favorite places to vacation are the Pacific Northwest and New England.

How did CWT come into your life? 
Almost a decade ago, before Stella and Julie created Chippy,  I had a sort-of pop wedding in a tree house. Julie made my bouquet and arrived on site before close family and friends to decorate the space with handmade bunting and fresh-cut flowers. At the time when my husband and I planned our vows they were a step-up from a courthouse elopement, and I was thankful to have a friend who has the care and forethought to do something like that without ask. 

And at Julie's wedding where I was a birdsmaid, Stella directed us during set-up the morning of the ceremony, and that's when I first heard of their idea for CWT. In the weeks prior, Julie and Stella had collected gorgeous vintage pieces for the reception like the peacock chairs and the very first chippy white table. All of those added details later became signature earmarks of early Chippy. It's magical to look back on having known them for such a long time and witness what they've built solely on their passion for others and creativity. As CWT grew, there was a need for more website content. It was a natural progression to fill that role, and I've been assisting ever since.